“Peacock” for Success

I read something tweeted from a new follower, Mr. S. Chris Edmonds, which was about helping your boss succeed. This was written by Wally Bock from his Three Star Leadership Blog. Essentially, part of everyone’s job is to help their boss succeed. One way to do this is by learning what’s important to your boss and then delivering.

Ask for guidance if you need to; but I believe by just being observant of what your boss likes and dislikes is crucial to delivering what’s important to them. This is more meaningful to your boss than straightforward asking. Additionally, if your boss is one who is in denial of his or her “flip-flop” nature, you’ll want to figure out their tendencies for yourself (because they themselves do not even know what they want, other than to be successful).

I compare this to a spouse relationship. In the beginning, we make sure to “peacock”. We put on our best: clothes, makeup, hair, fragrance, etc.  Our speech is careful, pleasant, and smooth. The hours spent together initially are filled with conversation and learning everything we can about the other person. This is partially so we can woo them by buying, making, and being all the things they love in order to win their affections. We do the exact same thing at work.

Eventually, if negativity or complacency is allowed to fester, we begin to slip away from the greatness of our relationship. What was once so important to us (gaining that other person’s attention by delivering what is important to them) becomes a faded point after we’ve attained that person (or after we’ve got the job- Hello).

So, how do we cultivate a great relationship with our spouse or boss?

By realizing our common ground and purpose is to help each other succeed. When we lift each other up and bring out the best in people, we bring out the best in ourselves; and that is greatness. That is success. Keeping a heartfelt, genuine interest and celebrating individual successes in both our spouse and boss will bring about mutual respect that makes us want to continually make that other person happy every day.

So, don’t drop the ball. Don’t throw in the towel. Don’t stop peacocking! Keep it up! Keep moving forward! Be positive! Find inspiration and run with it- every day, in every way! And remember, it has to be a team effort or nobody will succeed; so lift up those co-workers, too!

Something I read from S. Chris Edmonds’ tweetchat last night, “EVERY organization HOPES for greatness,” but those that inspire will enjoy it.

Has Full Scope inspired you to “peacock”? Share with us how you plan to uplift your spouse/boss/co-workers today.

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The Basics of Business (Find Your Right Fit & Ruthlessly Edit)

Nina continues Chapter 2: The Basics by outlining her “basics of style”.

This inspired me to reflect, “What would be the basics of business?” This is what I came up with…

The Ten Basics of Business:

The most successful businesses— coined by longevity, customer satisfaction, and profit— all follow ten basics of business. These businesses

  1. Know what they’re founded on.
  2. Don’t put the business before what’s most important.
  3. Use candor and unadulterated words when speaking.
  4. Give their employees a break.
  5. “Keep it in the family” and honor their heritage by being obedient to their lineage’s foundation.
  6. Don’t run another business in to the ground just because they can.
  7. Don’t cheat people.
  8. Don’t take others’ ideas, customers, etc.
  9. Don’t lie to cover indiscretions.
  10. Are gratified with just being able to serve their customers to the best of their abilities.

Nina says every style icon knows how to edit. This is style basic #1. It’s all about buying what you like and knowing what looks good on you. In business, I believe knowing how to edit is vital. If an employee is not the right “fit” with a company (if they aren’t lining up with the Basics of Business), it’d be important for that company to do some quick “editing” and click “delete” on that employee.

What looks good on your company? In business, one of the most difficult things to do is find the right people. We all know the famed saying, “It’s so hard to find good help these days,” is true. Nina says she scours through hundreds upon hundreds of pieces for her fashion shows just to find that one that’s truly remarkable. Just think how many resumes and applications businesses have to pick through; editing out all but the “utterly amazing” as Nina puts it.

Nina challenges us to be an editor. Pick out a handful of remarkable pieces and get rid of the rest. Clear the clutter, and let’s get back to basics is what she’s screaming! (Oh, dear…I feel she is speaking directly at me!)

She outlines some key points of editing:

  • Toss what you don’t wear and what doesn’t look good on you. This has been a hard thing for me, but Nina proposes I make a deal with myself: For every twenty items I toss, I can buy one really killer piece! My husband is going to love this…
  • Buy the right size. Enough said…
  • Don’t be suckered by a sales tag. If you don’t need it or even really like it, put it down and walk away!
  • Don’t play it too safe. You should be inspired by what’s in your closet! Have a variety of colors and textures, etc.
  • Do not buy according to the trends. If the trend doesn’t look good on you, why are you going to buy it? Wear what suits you.
  • Be ruthless when you edit. Do not keep a ton of items in your closet for sentimental reasons. (Bang! That one hit me dead between the eyes, Nina!) I’m still keeping my wedding dress, though…

“The more you know, the less you need.” –Aboriginal saying

How can we apply Nina’s key points of style editing to business?

  • For starters, quite literally you may apply all of these points to your own personal style as it relates to your outward appearance to the world. Your clients and co-workers notice what you wear, whether you both are aware of it or not.
  • Be realistic with your opportunities and projections for your business at this very given moment. Baby steps…Rome wasn’t built in a day.
  • Don’t shop for the best price; shop for the best value.
  • Take a chance on something or someone that inspires you! (I love the sweater/boots/leggings they’re wearing in this link!)
  • Don’t run your business according to what someone else tells you is popular—especially if it negates a core value of your business.
  • And finally, don’t be afraid to edit. Change is inevitable and vital to the success of a business. Don’t cut corners, but rather delete the errors that can potentially harm your image.
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The Basics of “Style” and “Grace”

(continuing with Nina’s book) Chapter 2: The Basics

“Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess.”-Edna Woolman Chase, Vogue magazine

I’ve been told we should “possess” ourselves. Synonym finder tells me other words for possess are “own, have, hold, enjoy, keep, retain, take.” And the antonym for the word possess is “lack”.

Nina Garcia says, “…style is personal. There is no herd to follow. There are no rules. There are no seasons. Style comes from within.”

I started to cut this paragraph short, but realized there was no way I could paraphrase the rest of it without doing it a complete disservice. In what was utter revelation to me, read what else Nina had to say:

“If there is anything absolute about style, it is that it holds you accountable to yourself at every moment. You have to be confident with who you are on the inside before you can ever fully be comfortable presenting yourself to the outside world. And how you present yourself to the world is important. It is inherently related to your sense of self. Every time you dress you assert some aspect of yourself and your identity….Style affords you opportunities. It opens doors and allows you the chance to showcase a facet of yourself in an obvious and inimitable way.”

(You should probably pause for reflection here. That was awe-inspiring. I know; Nina just rocked your world with that.)

But, I’m about to rock you harder…

In that first paragraph from Nina, take out the word “style” and replace it with “grace”. Grace is personal. Grace comes from within. With grace, there is no herd to follow. Grace is the same yesterday, today, and forever more—there are no seasons. Grace comes from within.

Now, for yourself, go back and read the next paragraph from Nina and replace the word “style” with “grace”. Do that and then come back here to continue reading…

You should be telling someone about this. Just wait though, because it gets better.

You can only present yourself, or possess yourself=own/have/hold/enjoy/keep/retain/take back yourself, and reach out to the world once you have” style” and “grace”. In order to attain that grace, you have to line yourself up vertically before you can ever reach out horizontally. (Let that sink in…)

Nina says a stylish woman makes you want to walk up to her and say, “Where did you get that?” A gracious woman makes people want to ask, “Why are you so happy?”

“It’s not in a magazine or on any runway,” she says it’s, “the most intriguing thing in the world”. Gracious and stylish women have this in common: they do not look or act like the world. That’s what makes them intriguing.

You may not have heard of Full Scope Services, LLC before. One reason for this may be because we aren’t like any other business you’ve heard of before.

What do we do then? In short, we help people with their possessions; where others leave them lacking.

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Ok, so here’s what I’ve learned from Nina in chapter one: Be your own muse. The most beautiful woman in a room may not be the most obviously attractive woman. The most beautiful will be the most confident. Confidence is intriguing. It is, “captivating,” and, “powerful. It does not fade.”

This kind of confidence comes from having the right attitude toward yourself; an attitude of respect and love for yourself. I agree with this. I believe a change in attitude will, in fact, change your life. Sophia Loren is quoted having said, “Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.” Knowing who you are draws out confidence that makes your own “style”.

It’s madness to think a book about defining your own style could be so revealing to me. When we embrace our imperfections, we define our own character by turning them into something “enviable”. This is totally backwards from the thinking that you should play up strengths to hide weaknesses. Instead, play up weaknesses; as they stand out to make you different from everyone else! Wow!

I loved when Nina said there’s just something about being in the company of a confident woman. You know, it’s like “her beauty is fueled from something inside her. She is so comfortable with who she is that she even embraces her quirks and flaws.” That is treasure.

Now, I’ll save y’all from the part of the first chapter that gets pretty narcissistic beyond the previous paragraph I shared. Don’t get me wrong—I’m all for loving myself; however, self-love can become idolatristic. But, this is the point of me sharing my interpretation of the book with you. I save y’all the time of having to read and find the revelation for yourself.

“Fashion fades, style is eternal” Coco Chanel

In business education, we teach that we only have one shot at a first impression. Miuccia Prada said, “What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.”

Although we are taught as children not to judge people, especially based on their appearance, it is only human nature. As soon as we fall onto someone else’s radar for the first time (we may not have even been formally introduced), we must know that every outward detail of our existence is being processed through that person’s mind. Our outward appearance may hold some truth to our character—telling a bit of our story, as Nina says, without saying a word.

While it is true we only get one shot at a first impression, it is also true that we only have one shot at leaving a lasting impression. Style is eternal, and so is our reputation.

(Are you with me so far? Fashion equals first impression. Style equals eternal or lasting impression/reputation. Ok…just checking that you’re following my thought process as it’s coming across to me.)

So, this got me thinking about my lasting impression….and the reputation of Full Scope Services. What is my style? And surely, as I am a direct reflection of FSS, my style and that of FSS has to be compatible. I had to find out what was being said about us in the electronic world….

According to a Google search of our company, the BBB (Better Business Bureau) has “nothing to report” on FSS—nothing good or bad. To them, it’s as though we don’t exist. It’s like someone who hasn’t established any credit yet. To the credit agencies, that person isn’t even on their radar.

As far as the BBB is concerned, we have no rating because we haven’t applied to be accredited by them. (???) Just like someone who hasn’t applied for credit or a bank loan. No credit is better than bad credit. No rating is better than a bad rating.

Interesting… the thing is, why would we pay to become accredited by an agency we don’t need rating for in the first place? Why would someone apply for credit when they already have the means necessary to purchase what they need without credit?

Ratings—whether they be credit ratings, BBB ratings, or whatever—are only needed when people slip from achieving at the standard of what they’re supposed to be achieving. Knowing who we are as individuals (and as a business) brings confidence that keeps us accountable to achieving at a high standard without having to be accredited or recognized by anyone.

So, what about me? How am I being “rated” in the eyes of the world? Obviously, I know my credit score. (Ha! I’m not going to tell you what it is, but I’ve been told “it’s not bad”). It’s not as good as it once was before student loans either…but I digress.

I knew already from preparing a lesson on “Securing Your Privacy” that when I Google search my name (which is shared by an F-list celebrity) the first search result would read, “Naughty Pics Reach the Internet”. (Sigh…) Already, tarnish to my good name.

Though, when I searched my name for the purposes of this blog post, directly below this smudge was my actual LinkedIn page and a list of others with my name and their LinkedIn profiles; legitimate professions like legal assistants and doctors, college students and fitness instructors. I could expect that from LinkedIn, though, because of it being a professional networking site, there’s an attached credibility there.

Oh, but then there’s the Facebook results of all the women sharing my name. And while I do share the same love of the series Sex and the City and the Twilight Saga movies… I do not, however, enjoy the same music; nor did I graduate from alternative high school.

Now, the image Google results were really not bad, though. There were two actual photos of myself among the hundreds of others sharing my name. And, according to some creepy directory site, my property value is way overestimated!

I guess there’s this to be said about your reputation and the internet: as long as you have confidence in yourself and stay true to your own style, your first and lasting impression you leave on the world will be one of beauty.

How is the “style” (or reputation) of Full Scope Services, LLC leaving an impression on you?

Hopefully, we exude a humble confidence that leads you to rely on us for any of your valuation and documentation of real and personal property damage needs. Remember, our services also include comprehensive calculation of loss of income and earnings for businesses and individuals.

In addition to our valuation services, Full Scope Services provides a wide range of administrative services aimed to assist and support offices and businesses operating high-volume practice areas – mass tort claims, catastrophic losses, bankruptcy filings, collections, etc.

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Inspiration and Catastrophe

I’m reading a new book, “The Little Black Book of Style” by Nina Garcia (from Project Runway). I found the book shamefully on a clearance table at American Eagle of all places! It’s been a fantastic reading so far (I’m just through the preface and author’s note, nibbling onto the first chapter); however, it’s been what I might call inspiring.

Inspiration gives no warnings,” quoted from Gabriel Garcia Marquez out of the book; and as those of you who are following on Twitter and Facebook already know, this was also tweeted earlier today; however I added to it, “Neither does catastrophe for that matter. Support our business clients & call us to help with your claim at 1-877-977-7949 today!”

Inspiration and catastrophe: two very strong and opposing words. Out of catastrophe, though, lies inspiration. For instance, one may have a closet, chest of drawers, armoire, and laundry basket full of clothes to sort through to give away, keep, or donate (e.g.: catastrophe—albeit an organized catastrophe, but catastrophe nonetheless). Out of this catastrophe, one may be inspired to start a secondhand clothing consignment store, or one may find ways to utilize certain garments in a different fashion light. (I know y’all may have thought of me impeccably, but now it’s out there in the open—my one and only flaw).

In a more serious example, Full Scope Services, LLC was the fruit of inspiration when a catastrophe called Katrina hit the Gulf leaving a mark on the U.S. that is still affecting us years later. People were in need of help, and the Haneys, along with others, were inspired to lend a hand.

My job here is to help people see the inspiration that comes out of catastrophe. As Nina said, “I think that blue jeans and a white shirt can be the most fabulous outfit. It’s all about how you wear it….chic, simple….how you present yourself to the world is important.”

This got me thinking, what image do I convey to the world? What image is FSS conveying? If you’re reading this, what image do you want to convey to the world?

Comment here and on our Facebook page. Follow FullScopeServicesLLC @CBuchanan21 on Twitter!

There will be more to come as I continue on with the book….

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I will be glad when…

“Hakuna Matata” Are you someone who can’t see the forest for all the trees?

My friend, Wren, posted today, “I will be glad when ………………. Why not be glad now? Make a decision to be happy every day during every circumstance.”

This got me thinking about attitude. A key thing Wren mentioned was to “make a decision to be happy”. Therefore, it’s a controllable emotion.

In interpersonal business communication we are taught (1) that every one of us is in control of our emotions and actions. (If you aren’t, you have a problem.)

(2) There is no such thing as the word reaction. Anyone, or anything, that causes you to react, controls you. Instead, we must only take action against whomever or whatever is confronting us. (Again, if you aren’t in control of your actions, you have a problem.)

(3) In business, there is no room for you to have emotions–specifically encumbering ones that are unproductive. This means you must put your feelings aside. (Note I state you must put your feelings aside, not your values. America is in the state we are because too many people lost hold of their values and ethics. Sympathy and empathy are not simply feelings; they are values.)

No one makes you feel any certain way. We only feel guilt, frustration, embarrassment, unhappiness, or anger, for example, because we were already having internal conflict with ourselves about those emotions. (And if you are in conflict with yourself, you have a problem.)

Now, Wren stated to “make a decision to be happy” and to be happy when? Every day during every circumstance.

This means you’re happy even when you’re running late to be early to work because your toddler woke up and didn’t want you to leave…

and you have to stop at the store and pick up a pair of pantyhose because both pairs of your’s had a few nicks in one and a run in the other (and why didn’t you notice that when you took them off the last time you wore them and trash the blessed things?!)…

and then you come to the realization that you’ve locked your keys in the car (so you call the office and tell them you’re definitely going to be just flat-out late to work at this point) and have to call someone with a copy of your key to let you in (by the way, thank you, Momma)…

Francesca Battisstelli’s “This is the Stuff” should be my theme song. Yep, through all life’s little frustrations, I made a decision not too long ago to be happy every day during every circumstance.

You don’t have to look very far (just watch the news, open your eyes and heart and look around the next time you’re stopped at an intersection, or go visit someone in the hospital) to realize the irritating things in our lives that could potentially – if we allowed them to -keep us from having peace and happiness, are really just nothing in the grand scheme of things.

Our customers have incurred great loss financially in recent years. They also have this peace of mind, though, in knowing that we take their loss personal and are acting to bring about a happy ending for them. To our customers: I know you’ll be glad when your check comes in from the GCCF…. but why not be glad now? Every day during every circumstance.

What are you glad for today? Comment here and on our Facebook page. You may also stay current with our conversations by following us @CBuchanan21 on Twitter.

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Creating a Memory

“Live Like That”

The following was sent to me in an e-mail from a new friend, Edie, over at FOGO:

“Creating a Memory

TGIF Today God Is First Volume 2 by Os Hillman

Tuesday, January 31 2012

“The greatest among you will be your servant” (Matt 23:11).

Ken Blanchard, the author of the One Minute Manager, once shared a story about what can happen when individuals in a company model servant leadership, no matter where they are on the totem pole.

A business consultant was training more than 3000 employees of a mid-western grocery chain to approach their jobs with a goal of creating a memory for their customers. She stated that “this is what will distinguish your store from all others.”

Johnny was a 19-year old bag boy that had down-syndrome. His first response to the consultant’s suggestion was “I’m just a ‘bag boy.'” Nevertheless, he went home and shared what the consultant said with his mother. They began to ponder the consultant’s words about how he could create a memory for his customers. Johnny had a habit of collecting inspirational thoughts that he would often read. He decided he would begin printing these sayings and place one in each of the bags of his customers. When customers came through the line he would place the sayings in their bag and say, “I’ve included some of my favorite sayings in your bag in hopes it will encourage you today. Thanks for shopping with us.”

After just a few weeks, an amazing thing began to happen. One day the store manager noticed that all the customers were lined up at only one cashier station when there were other stations open. He began to panic, thinking the other stations were broken. After further investigation he found this was not the case. Actually, customers wanted to come through Johnny’s line in order to get his saying of the day.

One woman came up to the manager and said, “I used to come to the store only once a week, but now I come everyday!” Johnny’s example spread to other departments in the store. The florist began giving a flower to each florist customer. The meat department put Snoopy stickers on each meat order with a special greeting. This one act by a bag boy changed the entire climate of the store.*

How can you create a memory for someone in your workplace today?”

Without maybe knowing it sometimes, we create memories for those around us every day. On our way to work we may stop to pick up donuts for the office 😉 and in that simple act of kindness and appreciation for our workmates, we may also simply open the door for an elderly person leaving with her hands full, or smile at the cashier as he takes our order, or friendly chit-chat with another customer waiting for her coffee.

Monday I came in to work with a card I had written to Lisa that works downstairs from our offices. It was covered with inside jokes latent with sincerity of gratitude from her hospitality during my first days at FSS. (Lisa is the embodiment of a welcoming committee and one woman act). Upon my arrival I found her upset and on the phone, so I just placed the card on her desk and signaled I was going on upstairs.

Later, I went back down to check on her. She thanked me for the card and explained she wasn’t feeling well that day, and it just hadn’t been a good morning. She pointed out that she pinned the card on her bulletin board. “I mean, who does that,” she exclaimed?!

I’ve been called a “butt-kiss” all my life because of the random and premeditated acts of kindness I find myself doing for others around me. My Mawmaw and Papa were big on writing notes to us. Birthday cards were also a big deal. I would always anticipate what they’d write. My mom and dad both, too, are “note-writers”; although, in today’s world, Daddy has converted to texts and e-mails.

Papa stopped by and left a note for my niece, Presley, once. It was maybe the last note he wrote to her before he died. (In his lovely penmanship)- “Presley, I brought you these books so you can learn to read them to Isabella and pass them down to her some day. I’m glad you enjoy reading. Love, Papa” You can’t make up memories like that.

So, who does that? My family. “That’s just the way we are,” as my Mawmaw once said. As I said in my first post, now that I’m a part of the FSS “family”, nobody’s safe from my cards!

I think a lot of it has to do with being led to do certain things. About a year and a half ago, I was texting out a “Quote of the day”. It was amazing how many people looked forward to them every day and how the quotes would get forwarded along to others.

I hadn’t been sending the quotes to my cousin, Bart, who lives in Ellijay. He was newly married at the time, and we didn’t talk often, but I thought he’d like to receive the messages, too; so one day in September 2010 I started sending the messages to him….or so I thought.

This woman, Selena, who had my cousin’s old cell number, was dealing with all these feelings of loneliness and doubt; she just felt unloved. Only God could’ve been working it out that a text of mistaken identity would give a perfect stranger so much comfort, peace, and joy.

Some of our customers have written in and e-mailed us thanking Full Scope Services for creating special memories for them.

Edgar, the owner of a construction company in Alabama: “I want to thank you for all of your hard work on our behalf….You have been very patient and diligent through this long process. If there is ever an opportunity to recommend your company…I will be glad to recommend you. Again, I truly thank you!”

To Edgar and all of our customers: Thank you. Thank you for trusting that our people go above and beyond to take care of you.

We want to hear from all of you! How has FSS created a memory for you? Comment here or on our Facebook page. Remember, you can also follow FullScopeServicesLLC on Twitter @CBuchanan21

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