Anniversary Parties are Supposed to be Fun

Yesterday was the 7 year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina; as Isaac hit the Gulf coast and churned and pounded over New Orleans, our office in Georgia looked on through the eyes of The Weather Channel. Our office in New Orleans is reported to be ok. Some of our clients have called to check on us, and that is greatly appreciated. Y’all are so sweet.

Friends sit on a bench near Lake Pontchatrain as Hurricane Isaac approaches in New Orleans (Gett/Chris Graythen) Picture courtesy of

Although Katrina and Isaac are no fun at all, I believe from posts I’ve seen on Facebook and news coverage that the people of the Gulf are doing what they’ve always done, and that is making the most of the moment. I’ve seen people hunkering down with their families (isn’t that a blessing in disguise; to be able to spend time with the family), and heard stories of citizens rescuing others from flooded areas. Amazing camaraderie in the U.S., but especially in the Gulf.

Some of our clients who are still reviewing and need to send in their claim forms to us for the BP oil spill class action are being affected by Isaac. We understand this and look forward to speaking to you soon.  Remember, we are here for you (literally and figuratively) once the storm clears; and we are praying for y’all during the storm.

With that, I must refer y’all to another blog post, “In the Midst of the Storm” by Kathy Bernard, who articulates so well what I intend to say,  I couldn’t do it justice if I tried. Enjoy!


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