Trials, Blessings, Lemonade…And This Too Shall Pass

It’s been said that people are either coming out of a trial, going in to a trial, or in the midst of a trial. I’d say I’m in the middle of one. My husband has had some health issues the past several weeks, keeping him from work and getting to enjoy normal daily living; so we’ve been making lemonade.

Working for a company whose sole purpose is to help others manage and file claims, store important data, and valuate losses, I can’t help but wish I had someone to take all that burden off of me with the doctor’s orders, receipts, and business expenditures and losses my husband and I have personally encountered the past few weeks.

This made me realize how awesome Full Scope Services really is for so many people in distress.

I also realized that I already have someone to take the burden off my shoulders; and He does this on a daily basis if I just plug in and allow Him to work.

Starting every day in the Word and asking God to direct our steps and decisions has made the biggest difference in our attitudes about the cards being dealt to us.

I’d just like to encourage you, too; if you’re reading this and struggling with health issues, finances, relationships, work, etc… our company is truly here to help. If you plug in to us and allow us to work on your behalf, we’ll go to every length to help you and take some burden off your shoulders.

Your family is the most important thing in your life. Let Full Scope Services deal with your business matters; because I don’t know about you, but I’m too blessed to be stressed.

Plug in to our company! We’re on Facebook, Twitter @CBuchanan21, Pinterest (mrspinkbusiness), and the NEW website is coming very soon!! You may always call us, too—1-877-977-7949 or e-mail:

*Thank you for your continued prayers for Tim!

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5 Responses to Trials, Blessings, Lemonade…And This Too Shall Pass

  1. Your title caught my attention! I can identify with your post. My husband has been sick since 2007 and has not worked very much during that time. He’s currently on short-term disability and was just denied long-term disability by Social Security. So we now have to hire a lawyer. I’ve been saying to him this last week or so “This too shall pass.” And we do know that God is in charge! Kutless has a new song out called “Even If.” Excellent song for our husbands’ situation.


  2. I’m sorry to hear about your struggles, but glad we can help to lift each other up! If you’re interested, I can connect you to one of our attorneys.

    I LOVE Kutless and the song! I met them this year at The JOY FM studios in Tyrone, GA! Check out the link:!/pages/Full-Scope-Services-LLC/137099756306634?sk=photos

    And I found a video of sweet Jon Micah talking about the song “Even If”

    Thank you for your comments; and know that God is using your testimony to reach others. (That’s why it’s called a “test on me”; so you can share how God brought you through and lead others to Christ who are going through similar circumstances).

    Make it a Great day!

    • Thanks for the offer of connecting us to one of your attorneys. I believe my husband has an a!!ttorney lined up, but I will relay your offer.

      Do you live in GA? I lived in Tyrone for 24 years; now I’m in Newnan, Wouldn’t it be wild if we were neighbors??

      I love the “test on me” – never heard that before but will remember it!


  3. Let us know if we can help, for sure. 🙂

    I do live in GA. I will message you.

    Glad I could share it. I’m a nerd like that. It’s just like the words, “mystery” and “history”; they are rooted in “my story” and “his story”. Oh, I could go on… lol

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