The Atmosphere of Expectancy

Given the excitement of tonight’s home opener at Turner Field, I must switch gears on our Full Scope fans and deviate away from Nina’s world for a moment to discuss the atmosphere of expectancy. It has been said that “the atmosphere of expectancy is the breeding ground of miracles.” There are few things more delightful than the air of prospect on an Atlanta Braves home opener night. The eagerness felt as one heads out from home- whether leaving the mountains of Blueridge, the sandy shores of Savannah, the fields of Vidalia, or the newly paved asphalt of Carrollton- gives way to the anticipation of baseball marvels as that Villa  Rica gold-capped building peaks over the horizon. A few more turns of the wheel and you’re there.

Every time you step out of your vehicle and head towards that field, the eagerness to get in those gates grows. You are brought back to childhood once more. The air is sweet with the smell of Skip and Pete’s BBQ. There’s a melody of chatter as hundreds flock together to be a part of America’s favorite past time. Upon finding your seats, you look around and just know: this is going to be a great night.

Is it in Chipper’s swing, or McCann’s magic glove? We know Freeman and Uggla will make some impressive double plays. What game clinching catch will Heyward make? Jurrjens is going to feel the love as he throws out every pitch. And the Atlanta bats will be swinging as the wave makes its way around the field and the crowd bellows with repeated “Oooh Oooh ohooo…” (The Chop).

Yes, Atlanta Braves fans are the best at creating an atmosphere of expectancy like no others. What baseball miracles will we witness tonight? Or this season…is there a 1995 season in store for us in 2012? Get excited, Braves fans…. Your boys are back in town!


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1 Response to The Atmosphere of Expectancy

  1. Rhonda says:

    Dang, you make me want to be there so bad!

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