“Peacock” for Success

I read something tweeted from a new follower, Mr. S. Chris Edmonds, which was about helping your boss succeed. This was written by Wally Bock from his Three Star Leadership Blog. Essentially, part of everyone’s job is to help their boss succeed. One way to do this is by learning what’s important to your boss and then delivering.

Ask for guidance if you need to; but I believe by just being observant of what your boss likes and dislikes is crucial to delivering what’s important to them. This is more meaningful to your boss than straightforward asking. Additionally, if your boss is one who is in denial of his or her “flip-flop” nature, you’ll want to figure out their tendencies for yourself (because they themselves do not even know what they want, other than to be successful).

I compare this to a spouse relationship. In the beginning, we make sure to “peacock”. We put on our best: clothes, makeup, hair, fragrance, etc.  Our speech is careful, pleasant, and smooth. The hours spent together initially are filled with conversation and learning everything we can about the other person. This is partially so we can woo them by buying, making, and being all the things they love in order to win their affections. We do the exact same thing at work.

Eventually, if negativity or complacency is allowed to fester, we begin to slip away from the greatness of our relationship. What was once so important to us (gaining that other person’s attention by delivering what is important to them) becomes a faded point after we’ve attained that person (or after we’ve got the job- Hello).

So, how do we cultivate a great relationship with our spouse or boss?

By realizing our common ground and purpose is to help each other succeed. When we lift each other up and bring out the best in people, we bring out the best in ourselves; and that is greatness. That is success. Keeping a heartfelt, genuine interest and celebrating individual successes in both our spouse and boss will bring about mutual respect that makes us want to continually make that other person happy every day.

So, don’t drop the ball. Don’t throw in the towel. Don’t stop peacocking! Keep it up! Keep moving forward! Be positive! Find inspiration and run with it- every day, in every way! And remember, it has to be a team effort or nobody will succeed; so lift up those co-workers, too!

Something I read from S. Chris Edmonds’ tweetchat last night, “EVERY organization HOPES for greatness,” but those that inspire will enjoy it.

Has Full Scope inspired you to “peacock”? Share with us how you plan to uplift your spouse/boss/co-workers today.

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