Ok, so here’s what I’ve learned from Nina in chapter one: Be your own muse. The most beautiful woman in a room may not be the most obviously attractive woman. The most beautiful will be the most confident. Confidence is intriguing. It is, “captivating,” and, “powerful. It does not fade.”

This kind of confidence comes from having the right attitude toward yourself; an attitude of respect and love for yourself. I agree with this. I believe a change in attitude will, in fact, change your life. Sophia Loren is quoted having said, “Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.” Knowing who you are draws out confidence that makes your own “style”.

It’s madness to think a book about defining your own style could be so revealing to me. When we embrace our imperfections, we define our own character by turning them into something “enviable”. This is totally backwards from the thinking that you should play up strengths to hide weaknesses. Instead, play up weaknesses; as they stand out to make you different from everyone else! Wow!

I loved when Nina said there’s just something about being in the company of a confident woman. You know, it’s like “her beauty is fueled from something inside her. She is so comfortable with who she is that she even embraces her quirks and flaws.” That is treasure.

Now, I’ll save y’all from the part of the first chapter that gets pretty narcissistic beyond the previous paragraph I shared. Don’t get me wrong—I’m all for loving myself; however, self-love can become idolatristic. But, this is the point of me sharing my interpretation of the book with you. I save y’all the time of having to read and find the revelation for yourself.

“Fashion fades, style is eternal” Coco Chanel

In business education, we teach that we only have one shot at a first impression. Miuccia Prada said, “What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.”

Although we are taught as children not to judge people, especially based on their appearance, it is only human nature. As soon as we fall onto someone else’s radar for the first time (we may not have even been formally introduced), we must know that every outward detail of our existence is being processed through that person’s mind. Our outward appearance may hold some truth to our character—telling a bit of our story, as Nina says, without saying a word.

While it is true we only get one shot at a first impression, it is also true that we only have one shot at leaving a lasting impression. Style is eternal, and so is our reputation.

(Are you with me so far? Fashion equals first impression. Style equals eternal or lasting impression/reputation. Ok…just checking that you’re following my thought process as it’s coming across to me.)

So, this got me thinking about my lasting impression….and the reputation of Full Scope Services. What is my style? And surely, as I am a direct reflection of FSS, my style and that of FSS has to be compatible. I had to find out what was being said about us in the electronic world….

According to a Google search of our company, the BBB (Better Business Bureau) has “nothing to report” on FSS—nothing good or bad. To them, it’s as though we don’t exist. It’s like someone who hasn’t established any credit yet. To the credit agencies, that person isn’t even on their radar.

As far as the BBB is concerned, we have no rating because we haven’t applied to be accredited by them. (???) Just like someone who hasn’t applied for credit or a bank loan. No credit is better than bad credit. No rating is better than a bad rating.

Interesting… the thing is, why would we pay to become accredited by an agency we don’t need rating for in the first place? Why would someone apply for credit when they already have the means necessary to purchase what they need without credit?

Ratings—whether they be credit ratings, BBB ratings, or whatever—are only needed when people slip from achieving at the standard of what they’re supposed to be achieving. Knowing who we are as individuals (and as a business) brings confidence that keeps us accountable to achieving at a high standard without having to be accredited or recognized by anyone.

So, what about me? How am I being “rated” in the eyes of the world? Obviously, I know my credit score. (Ha! I’m not going to tell you what it is, but I’ve been told “it’s not bad”). It’s not as good as it once was before student loans either…but I digress.

I knew already from preparing a lesson on “Securing Your Privacy” that when I Google search my name (which is shared by an F-list celebrity) the first search result would read, “Naughty Pics Reach the Internet”. (Sigh…) Already, tarnish to my good name.

Though, when I searched my name for the purposes of this blog post, directly below this smudge was my actual LinkedIn page and a list of others with my name and their LinkedIn profiles; legitimate professions like legal assistants and doctors, college students and fitness instructors. I could expect that from LinkedIn, though, because of it being a professional networking site, there’s an attached credibility there.

Oh, but then there’s the Facebook results of all the women sharing my name. And while I do share the same love of the series Sex and the City and the Twilight Saga movies… I do not, however, enjoy the same music; nor did I graduate from alternative high school.

Now, the image Google results were really not bad, though. There were two actual photos of myself among the hundreds of others sharing my name. And, according to some creepy directory site, my property value is way overestimated!

I guess there’s this to be said about your reputation and the internet: as long as you have confidence in yourself and stay true to your own style, your first and lasting impression you leave on the world will be one of beauty.

How is the “style” (or reputation) of Full Scope Services, LLC leaving an impression on you?

Hopefully, we exude a humble confidence that leads you to rely on us for any of your valuation and documentation of real and personal property damage needs. Remember, our services also include comprehensive calculation of loss of income and earnings for businesses and individuals.

In addition to our valuation services, Full Scope Services provides a wide range of administrative services aimed to assist and support offices and businesses operating high-volume practice areas – mass tort claims, catastrophic losses, bankruptcy filings, collections, etc.

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