Inspiration and Catastrophe

I’m reading a new book, “The Little Black Book of Style” by Nina Garcia (from Project Runway). I found the book shamefully on a clearance table at American Eagle of all places! It’s been a fantastic reading so far (I’m just through the preface and author’s note, nibbling onto the first chapter); however, it’s been what I might call inspiring.

Inspiration gives no warnings,” quoted from Gabriel Garcia Marquez out of the book; and as those of you who are following on Twitter and Facebook already know, this was also tweeted earlier today; however I added to it, “Neither does catastrophe for that matter. Support our business clients & call us to help with your claim at 1-877-977-7949 today!”

Inspiration and catastrophe: two very strong and opposing words. Out of catastrophe, though, lies inspiration. For instance, one may have a closet, chest of drawers, armoire, and laundry basket full of clothes to sort through to give away, keep, or donate (e.g.: catastrophe—albeit an organized catastrophe, but catastrophe nonetheless). Out of this catastrophe, one may be inspired to start a secondhand clothing consignment store, or one may find ways to utilize certain garments in a different fashion light. (I know y’all may have thought of me impeccably, but now it’s out there in the open—my one and only flaw).

In a more serious example, Full Scope Services, LLC was the fruit of inspiration when a catastrophe called Katrina hit the Gulf leaving a mark on the U.S. that is still affecting us years later. People were in need of help, and the Haneys, along with others, were inspired to lend a hand.

My job here is to help people see the inspiration that comes out of catastrophe. As Nina said, “I think that blue jeans and a white shirt can be the most fabulous outfit. It’s all about how you wear it….chic, simple….how you present yourself to the world is important.”

This got me thinking, what image do I convey to the world? What image is FSS conveying? If you’re reading this, what image do you want to convey to the world?

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There will be more to come as I continue on with the book….


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