I will be glad when…

“Hakuna Matata” Are you someone who can’t see the forest for all the trees?

My friend, Wren, posted today, “I will be glad when ………………. Why not be glad now? Make a decision to be happy every day during every circumstance.”

This got me thinking about attitude. A key thing Wren mentioned was to “make a decision to be happy”. Therefore, it’s a controllable emotion.

In interpersonal business communication we are taught (1) that every one of us is in control of our emotions and actions. (If you aren’t, you have a problem.)

(2) There is no such thing as the word reaction. Anyone, or anything, that causes you to react, controls you. Instead, we must only take action against whomever or whatever is confronting us. (Again, if you aren’t in control of your actions, you have a problem.)

(3) In business, there is no room for you to have emotions–specifically encumbering ones that are unproductive. This means you must put your feelings aside. (Note I state you must put your feelings aside, not your values. America is in the state we are because too many people lost hold of their values and ethics. Sympathy and empathy are not simply feelings; they are values.)

No one makes you feel any certain way. We only feel guilt, frustration, embarrassment, unhappiness, or anger, for example, because we were already having internal conflict with ourselves about those emotions. (And if you are in conflict with yourself, you have a problem.)

Now, Wren stated to “make a decision to be happy” and to be happy when? Every day during every circumstance.

This means you’re happy even when you’re running late to be early to work because your toddler woke up and didn’t want you to leave…

and you have to stop at the store and pick up a pair of pantyhose because both pairs of your’s had a few nicks in one and a run in the other (and why didn’t you notice that when you took them off the last time you wore them and trash the blessed things?!)…

and then you come to the realization that you’ve locked your keys in the car (so you call the office and tell them you’re definitely going to be just flat-out late to work at this point) and have to call someone with a copy of your key to let you in (by the way, thank you, Momma)…

Francesca Battisstelli’s “This is the Stuff” should be my theme song. Yep, through all life’s little frustrations, I made a decision not too long ago to be happy every day during every circumstance.

You don’t have to look very far (just watch the news, open your eyes and heart and look around the next time you’re stopped at an intersection, or go visit someone in the hospital) to realize the irritating things in our lives that could potentially – if we allowed them to -keep us from having peace and happiness, are really just nothing in the grand scheme of things.

Our customers have incurred great loss financially in recent years. They also have this peace of mind, though, in knowing that we take their loss personal and are acting to bring about a happy ending for them. To our customers: I know you’ll be glad when your check comes in from the GCCF…. but why not be glad now? Every day during every circumstance.

What are you glad for today? Comment here and on our Facebook page. You may also stay current with our conversations by following us @CBuchanan21 on Twitter.


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