Service is Helping Others

In today’s economic state, many companies have cut corners on costs by  pulling back on customer service. Clark Howard even addressed this issue on a special entitled “Customer-No-Service”. (You can read more on that at

Service, simply stated, is helping others. I have found that in business, life, etc., when you approach with the motive to help someone (with a “How can I make someone else’s day?” attitude) over just trying to get what I can out of it (with a “What’s in it for me?” attitude), both myself and others come out of the experience with a smile.

When I worked at Target, “guests” would approach me looking for a particular item. If we didn’t have that item, I would direct them to another store where they could find it. Not only that, but I knew it was on sale and where to get a coupon! (GASP!) This goes against all conventional sales strategy, because, to conventional theory, I just missed a sale. Wrong!

Think of it another way. I’m the “guest” looking for a particular item. The salesperson tells me Target doesn’t have it. Instead, they try to sell me a comparable item, trying to convince me that it’s better. The salesperson is so pushy, I become totally turned off by the experience, and I avoid going to Target, because I wish to avoid another pushy salesperson.

Back to my initial scenario– (where I am the helpful salesperson sending the “guest” to another store). That “guest” is more likely to become a patron of my store, because I help them find what they need over just trying to sell them something one time. They want to come back to my store, because the experience is nicer.

I take a genuine interest in the better interests of my customers, because in the service industry, customer service should be all about helping others.  This is why it has always been important to me to work for a company with a high standard of values and ethics. That standard starts with service. Helping others.

My co-worker and office pal, Jason, explained to me what his role is in Full Scope Services. After about a ten minute demonstration, I came to the conclusion that his job was to help others. He is one of the many people at FSS that is in the business of helping others.

Just last week Jason was working on a valuation for Nicole, a young woman living in Florida. She has been working as a waitress making on average just $11,000 annually the past few years, and thanks in part to Jason, will receive a check soon for over $14,000. As soon as this number is sent to the GCCF (Gulf Coast Claims Facility), a check will be written within a few weeks to help this young woman supplement lost income from the effects of the BP oil spill. This is just one of many claims that Full Scope Services, LLC helps to recover after a catastrophic event.

Overhearing our conversation last week, Kelly chimed, “We’re here to assist people to give them a better understanding of their claim. Some people are just clueless as to how to go about filing their claims. We make it easy, so they get a fair valuation.” Kelly is one of the real people you may talk to when you call our customer service. Being a single mother of two teenage boys, Kelly can relate to customers and recognizes the importance of helping others through the work she does at FSS.

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Director of Marketing, Full Scope Services, LLC Simply stated: We help people. Can We Help You? Visit for more info. Like our company page on Facebook! Follow us @CBuchanan21 on Twitter!
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